Happy New Years!

I was hoping to get my second book, Into the Breach completed by New Years, Unfortunately, this has not come to pass.  Work is still pretty crazy and I am coming up with a few strategies to get the words down.

  • I’ve pretty much stopped watching TV
  • I’m trying to write a little bit during lunch and breaks at work
  • I’m about to experiment with recording audio during my daily commute. (I’m not sure if this will work out, but it’s worth a shot)

I am pretty excited about this story. It picks up just after We Happy Few ends and the stakes have risen significantly! I’m also trying to get some more artwork commissioned, my primary artist is also very busy at the moment. I’ll post the art when I get it back.

Again, sorry for the delay. I hope to get this all sorted out soon!

Book 2 Delay 

Hello All!


The good news is that my new job at the major aircraft manufacturer [REDACTED] is going well. I am in Quality Assurance. My schedule is a bit hectic right now. I worked a 16.5 hour shift the other day and am working about 80 hours per week.

This has had an unfortunate effect on my writing. It has stopped it cold. ಠ_ಠ

I’m not sure how long this will delay the completion. I am hoping for around New Years, but… it might be a bit longer. Sorry about that. Unfortunately, this job has to take priority over my writing, at least for now.

More updates to follow.

Heinlein’s 111st birthday

Robert Anson Heinlein was born on 7/7/1907. Today would have been his eleventy-first birthday.

I have been a fan of his for a very long time. His work has had a big influence on me.


If you have seen the 1997 movie Starship Troopers, you should check out the book, if you haven’t already. I’m really hoping they reboot that movie (since they are rebooting everything else) and maybe they will actually base it on the book this time!

Also, one of my favorite books The Moon is a Harsh Mistress is supposedly stuck in “development hell” under the direction of Bryan Singer. I’d much prefer to see this book made into a series. A two hour movie just won’t do it justice.

Chief Engineer Sparky

The Chief Engineer of the pirate ship Hell’s Bane once had a bright future at the Imperial Academy of Technology. Unfortunately, he chaffed under their restrictions. Many laws were passed after the A.I Uprising of 2071. That was 67 years ago and technologies on both sides of the border have been stagnant. Sparky thinks these archaic laws are obsolete. But, is he willing to put humanity at risk again? Yes. Yes, he is.


I need some advance reviews!

Amazon is a tricky beast to understand. One thing that can help an author get noticed is a bunch of reviews. Of course, I’d like some good reviews, but I really need honest reviews. The book will launch around December/January time frame. I would love to have a dozen reviews ready to go by then,

If you are interested in giving me a review. I will send you an Advanced Reader Copy of my book. Please send me an email at: edward.hudson.writer@gmail.com


We Happy Few…

I’ve been very busy lately. My first book We Happy Few is complete. I just received the proof from Amazon and it looks terrific.


I am also happy to report that the audio book has wrapped up production. It is narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds. It will be available when the book releases. Speaking of which…

We are on track for a December/January release. I’ll post more details as the time draws near.

Editing Update!

Last month I submitted my manuscript for We Happy Few… to my developmental editor. She had much to say after reading it. It seems I was trying to cram too much story in to one novel! So, I am breaking the novel into three parts. I will have three 60K word novels instead of one 90K word novel.

I think this will give me the opportunity to further develop my characters and allow me to go a little deeper into my world building.

I am hoping to have Book 1 uploaded to Amazon this summer, followed by Book 2 (not yet titled) by early autumn.

Commerce One

Commerce One is the largest station in the Dragon System, commonly referred to as Free Port. It permanently houses over thirty thousand people; it has a transient population of 50-60 thousand more people a day. The main docking ring is big enough to handle twenty capitol ships (up to 1 KM in length) at a time. Up to 60 Mid-Cap ships (500-800 meters in length.) can dock on the secondary ring.


Free Port is located at the edge of known space, neither the Free Worlds Alliance or the Capellan Empire can lay claim to it.

It is a collection of space stations and planetary outposts in the Dragon system. The red dwarf star once held a long alpha-numeric designation. Dragon seemed more appropriate. Only one planet can sustain human life, and just barely. The planet is on the far edge of the Habitable Zone. The temperatures hover around -5 C on a warm day. There are many settlements on the surface, mostly mining facilities.

The Capellan Empire calls Free Port a devilishly vile den of pirates and ne’er-do-wells. The Free Worlds Alliance has taken no official stance. Both governments have intelligence operatives here.

Free Port has long been a haven to pirates, smugglers, and other criminals from both sides of human controlled space. And though there are no laws here. It is not lawless.


Exoplanet Mining Operations

The human element in exoplanet mining operations. Some may ask: With the advanced nature of technology, why would you still need a human to operate a mining mech? Couldn’t it be automated?

You could fully automate in many instances. If you are surface mining and have uninterrupted LoS (Line of Sight) then it would make sense. Unless there are other factors like an unstable planetary magnetic field, etc.

The problem arises when you are a kilometer underground , and have trillions of metric tons of metal ores above you. If you lose mech telemetry for even an instant, it could cause a catastrophic mine collapse and that costs time and money.

Also… I can’t tell a story about mining drones. If there’s no human element, there’s no interest.