It’s been a while…

Well, here we are in April 2023. It certainly has been a while. Much has changed.

I was enjoying a new tech writer position at [redacted – large aerospace company] Now, I’m in an engineering position at the same company. And it seems likely that I’ll be moving up yet again sometime this year.

I should not complain about career successes. And I’m not… not really. But the science fiction has taken a back seat to my primary job. After all, it keeps a roof over our heads and kids stay fed.

I have been writing here and there. I’ve been working on several projects. The one that has captured my attention is a post apocalyptic story that takes place about thousand years after a global cataclysm.

I’ve spent over a year working on this. I’ve been working on a timeline, big events, notable characters, and the general landscape of this new I.P.

This is not the Leviathan Universe that my first book took place in. I’ll post more about this later. And I have a lot to talk about with ChatGPT and much more!

I still have some other stories to add in the Leviathan Universe and I am working on the second book, Into the Breach. More about that, too.

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