Commerce One

Commerce One is the largest station in the Dragon System, commonly referred to as Free Port. It permanently houses over thirty thousand people; it has a transient population of 50-60 thousand more people a day. The main docking ring is big enough to handle twenty capitol ships (up to 1 KM in length) at a time. Up to 60 Mid-Cap ships (500-800 meters in length.) can dock on the secondary ring.


Free Port is located at the edge of known space, neither the Free Worlds Alliance or the Capellan Empire can lay claim to it.

It is a collection of space stations and planetary outposts in the Dragon system. The red dwarf star once held a long alpha-numeric designation. Dragon seemed more appropriate. Only one planet can sustain human life, and just barely. The planet is on the far edge of the Habitable Zone. The temperatures hover around -5 C on a warm day. There are many settlements on the surface, mostly mining facilities.

The Capellan Empire calls Free Port a devilishly vile den of pirates and ne’er-do-wells. The Free Worlds Alliance has taken no official stance. Both governments have intelligence operatives here.

Free Port has long been a haven to pirates, smugglers, and other criminals from both sides of human controlled space. And though there are no laws here. It is not lawless.


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